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‘Corpus Malicious – The Codex of Evil’ for D&D 5E is Now Up on Kickstarter

Corpus Malicious (Dream Realm Storytellers)Dream Realm Storytellers, the folks behind the very well received Norse inspired 5E sourcebook Svilland, have a new supplement up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Corpus Malicious – The Codex of Evil is 400 pages packed full of the darker side of Dungeons & Dragons for DMs who might be looking to run more sinister focused fare. Also included in the project is Mindabar – The City of Malice, which is an evil-centric setting. Currently you can reserve the whole shebang in PDF for a $27.00 pledge or grab the physical books (plus PDFs) in an early bird special for a $55.00 pledge. The project runs through November 13th with an expected delivery of October of next year.

If you’re not convinced, give the free fifty page preview a peek for a better feel for what this project is about.

From DRS:

In Dungeons and Dragons, stories and adventures are often depicted in black and white. Also, evil is often seen as evil, without looking at the reasons behind it. As Dream Realm Storytellers, we believe in the power of lore for much deeper stories and campaigns. So in Corpus Malicious, we will provide a lot of information about nature, reasons, and acts of evil.

Corpus Malicious – The Ultimate Codex of Evil for D&D 5th Edition is a 400-page supplement of evil content for D&D 5E, designed for games where the PCs are the villains, and explores the depths of evil for DMs who want to run darker campaigns. It includes lore about aspects of evil, as well as new races, archetypes, magic items, spells and rituals, feats, monsters, NPCs, new rules for alignment and morality, vampirism, lycanthropy, and sacrifices. Corpus Malicious is also accompanied by Mindabar – The City of Malice, an evil setting book.

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