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‘Counterblast 2nd Edition’ Rulebook Available for Pre-Order from Bombshell Minis

Counterblast 2nd Edition (Bombshell Miniatures)A new edition of the Counterblast skirmish level pulpy SF miniatures rules are now available for pre-order from Bombshell Miniatures. You may recall I dug the system itself but found the presentation a bit lacking (mostly due to the original digest size and grayscale imaging) and this new edition looks to provide a much more enjoyable reading – and gaming – experience with a full sized, full color layout as well as expanded and updated rules. There’s even a lunchbox edition which includes two starting factions. Yep! A lunch box! You can score the core rules in print and PDF, alongside a bonus Sally Space Ace figure, for $50.00.

From Bombshell:

Calling all space aces! Grab your particle guns, strap on your rocket packs, and prepare for pulp sci-fi cinematic excitement, Counterblast 2nd Edition is on its way! Bombshell Miniatures is very proud to announce the latest version of Counterblast with new streamlined gameplay, a faster interactive activation phase, vehicle rules, unique player missions, episodic campaign guidelines, and a new Hero Builder for crafting your very own customizable heroes and crews, as well as an open crew format without being faction dependent allowing you to use any models from your collection to build your crews and level them up while exploring the Outer Reaches.

Counterblast 2nd Edition Lunch Box Starter Set (Bombshell Miniatures)Counterblast is available as a full sized, full color hardback book with 160+ pages of rules, new art, and expanded information and lore of the Counterblast universe. Each hardback book purchase includes a free PDF copy. In addition, during the pre-order campaign, each Counterblast book purchase will include an all new Sally Starfield model absolutely free. All items available for pre-order are estimated to begin shipping in August 2017.

In keeping with the nostalgic feel of CounterBlast, we’re also pleased to offer an all new starter set for those beginning their adventures in the Outer Reaches or those wishing to expand their existing crews. This Counterblast Lunchbox Edition starter set comes in a color printed tin lunch box adorned with new art depicting the enterprising Lancer Captain Wanda Whitestar and her intrepid crew by the talented Giorgio Baroni. This starter set will include two custom-cut tray inserts manufactured by Battle Foam to keep your crews safe as they travel with you from game to game. You will be able to select two of the five depicted faction crews to be included in your set. These miniatures are cast in metal and/or high quality polyurethane resin. In addition, you will receive color statcards for each crew model, two quality Chessex d10 “Moxie” dice sets in faction-related colors, a Counterblast tape measure, and a handy black and white quick-start rulebook.

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