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Crash Games Announces 2013 Production Schedule

Crash GamesLocal Arizona game publishers Crash Games have announced two games already in their pipeline for 2013. Both Paradise Fallen: The Card Game and Paydirt will hit Kickstarter sometime in the first half of next year. I’m not sure why Paradise Fallen has the additional moniker of “The Card Game” since there isn’t anything on the market bearing the same name but I guess we now know it’ll be a card game…

From Crash Games:

We are very excited to announce our 2013 Production Schedule. We have two games slated for publication this year. At BGG.CON in Dallas this past month we ran into a designer that pitched a really fun card game to us. After playing it several times we have decided to publish Paradise Fallen: The Card Game. Head over to our BGG Page for a bit more details on this work in progress. We are hoping to launch Paradise Fallen: The Card Game in April on Kickstarter!

Our big production of the year is Pay Dirt, the follow up hit by Tory Niemann, the designer of the smash hit, Alien Frontiers. Pay Dirt finds players in the breath taking wild countryside that is Alaska trying to mine for gold. Players must carefully manage their workers, equipment, gear and mining outfit to be the player with the most gold when the game ends. The rough terrain, temperature and hardships won’t make it easy though as players work the ground as much as they can before winter hits.



Jeff McAleer

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