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Spelljammer at Dungeon Masters Guild

Cult of the Deep has Arrived on Kickstarter

Cult of the Deep (B.A. Games)A fun new dice chucking, social deduction game is up for crowdfunding for B.A. Games. In Cult of the Deep, designed by Sam Stockton, players take on the roles of mysterious monster worshipers vying to complete their hidden goals at the expense of the other members. The game is for four to eight players, ages 14+, and plays in 45 to 75 minutes. You can reserve a copy of the base game and stretch goals for a $35.00 pledge through March 3rd. Expected delivery is this December.

From B.A. Games:

Cult of the Deep is a hidden role dice game for 4-8 players where you are a cultist trying to establish your faction’s rise to power. Battle for control of rituals and mythical monsters as you seek victory and control of the Cult.

A social deduction game where actions speak louder than words. What do you do?

  • Give life to the High Priest?
  • Sacrifice your body to protect others?
  • Drain your own blood for greater power?
  • Use alchemy to help complete rituals?
  • Harvest the soul of an ally to strengthen your faction?
  • Control the Kraken and punish those who oppose you?

Each action tells a story of who you are, or at least, who you want people to think you are.

Remember, even if you are killed, the game is far from over as you become a Wraith. Forever haunting enemies and allies as you tug on the strings of fate itself to gain victory.

Here’s my Kickstarter preview!

2:50 Taking a look at Cult of the Deep and discussing gameplay
20:12 Final thoughts

Jeff McAleer

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