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Cute and Stabby Tales of BarBEARia Hits Kickstarter

The BarBEARian Battlegrounds series receives a new entry

Tales of BarBEARia (Tales of BarBEARia (Greenbrier Games)Earlier this week Greenbrier Games launched a Kickstarter to crowdfund the latest game in the BarBEARian Battlegrounds series. BarBEARian Battlegrounds: Tales of BarBEARia returns to the “cute and stabby” setting while promising a deeper and more robust play experience than the initial game of battling bruin broods. The game is for two to six players, ages 10+, and plays in around 45 minutes. You can reserve a copy of the game with a free Candy Horde expansion and stretch goals for a $40.00 pledge through July 1st. Expected delivery of Tales of BarBEARia is March of next year.

From Greenbrier:

The land of BarBEARia is a wondrous place, filled with adventure and joy. Bears are proud warriors, you know! While they will happily gather honey or laze the day away, they will also seek out noble deeds so their heroic actions will be sung for the glory of their village for years to come.

In this 2-6 player game, every bear must maximize their abilities in a season in order to get ready for winter hiBEARnation. Roll your dice to see how many of your bears are available. Then, set them to work on your village board where they will adventure and brawl, gather resources, and build a better village, all for the glory!

Tales of BarBEARia features simultaneous turns for no downtime. there are multiple strategies and paths to victory from adventuring, to brawl, to building. It is a highly competitive game with a mix of luck and skill. Enjoy the adorable illustrations, great for families, but it is a versus game.

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