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Cybermen and Daleks Go to War in ‘Doctor Who: Exterminate!’ Miniatures Game

Doctor Who: Exterminate! (Warlord Games)Warlord Games is taking full advantage of their license with the BBC to bring Doctor Who miniatures to the masses by releasing their first full fledged game box. Doctor Who: Exterminate! pits the Cybermen and Daleks against each other on a 3′ by 3′ battlemat. The core box contains twelve Daleks, twelve Cybermen, and fourteen Cybermats as well as card stock terrain, cards, dice, ruler, markers, and rule booklets. The game is part of Warlord’s Into the Time Vortex series and can be supplemented by a full range of other Whovian minis including both the tenth and twelfth Doctors and their respective companions.

Doctor Who: Exterminate! releases this month and carries an MSRP of $45.99 for the core box or $229.99 for the complete 78 miniature lineup. You can also download the PDF rulebook absolutely free if you’d like an advanced peek.

From Warlord:

Two of the Doctor’s most ancient and relentless foes – the hateful Daleks and emotionless Cybermen – clash as they seek to to fulfil their own nefarious ends in this fast-paced tabletop miniatures game.

Amongst this titanic conflict, the Doctor protects the Time Vortex the only way he knows how – with ever-changing companions, the TARDIS, and a sonic device…

Take control of either the Daleks or the Cybermen. Pit your wits against your adversaries as you attempt to gather resources vital to your plans before they fall into the hands of your opponents. Build your force from a variety of options and recruit other factions to your cause – whatever it takes to ensure you have the advantage over your foes!

Tenth Doctor and Companions (Warlord Games)An eternity of adventures awaits you…

In the Exterminate! miniatures game your Cyberman and Dalek forces can recruit neutral factions, improving their chances of success and adding even more variety to your games.

These highly detailed plastic Cybermen and Dalek miniatures are ‘push-fit’ allowing them to be easily built without glue.

The Exterminate! game contains:

  • 12 easy-fit plastic Time War Daleks
  • 12 easy-fit plastic Cyber Legion Cybermen
  • 14 plastic Cybermats
  • Double-sided 36″ x 36″ battlemat
  • Card scenery
  • 34 Recruitment Cards
  • 56 Adventure Cards
  • 36 Battle Cards
  • 16-page Rules booklet
  • 12-page Adventures booklet
  • 24-page Guide to the Time _ Vortex booklet
  • 10 Combat Dice
  • 2 Quick Reference Sheets
  • Card Ruler
  • 59 card tokens
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