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Cyberpunk Red Miniatures Arrive from Monster Fight Club

A line up of great looking Cyberpunk Red miniatures are hitting stores from Monster Fight Club. There are a slew of different three mini packs including Rocker Boys, Trauma Teams, Generation Red kids, Law Enforcement, Edgerunners, and more. These three mini sets are perfect for both the hit R. Talsorian Games RPG as well as MFC’s upcoming Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone and carry MSRPs of $20.00.

About the miniatures:

Welcome to the Dark Future, the time of the RED. Here, Megacorps have ravaged civilization and you do what you must to survive. Bring your adventures to the tabletop with these detailed Cyberpunk RED models. Are you ready to plug in and fight?

Each model is made from durable plastic and includes a base.

Cyberpunk Red Miniatures 1 (Monster Fight Club)

Cyberpunk Red Miniatures 2 (Monster Fight Club)

Cyberpunk Red Miniatures 3 (Monster Fight Club)

Cyberpunk Red Miniatures 4 (Monster Fight Club)

Jeff McAleer

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