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D20 Day Presents a Free Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Preview PDF and Celebrity Game Stream

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Dungeons & Dragons Dragon of Icespire Peak Preview (Wizards of the Coast)It’s D20 Day and Wizards of the Coast is presenting both a free 20 page PDF preview of the Dungeons & Dragons adventure Dragon of Icespire Peak and a celebrity game stream to benefit Extra Life.

Here’s the skinny from WotC:

It’s December 20th and that can only mean one thing… D20 Day is happening!

To celebrate, a brand new holiday-themed celebrity game featuring Jack Black, Michelle Rodriguez and other guests will premiere at 10am PT.  

DM’ed by Deborah Ann Woll, the Lost Odyssey: Promised Gold will have fans catching up with the adventures of Jack Black’s Barrolo after the end of his last D&D adventure. The game will raise money for Extra Life and the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

The full cast list and their respective D&D characters include:

  1. Deborah Ann Woll – Dungeon Master
  2. Gaten Matarazzo – Meryl Stroop (Half-Elf / Ranger Monk)
  3. Jack Black – Barrolo (Mountain Dwarf / Warlock Bard)
  4. Janina Gavankar – Zap (Human / Bard)
  5. Melissa Villaseñor – Ruby (Rock Gnome / Druid)
  6. Michelle Rodriguez – Lux (Dark Elf / Rogue)
  7. Reggie Watts – Bronwyn (Wood Elf / Ranger)

In addition to the celebrity game, Wizards of the Coast is releasing a free adventure on 12/20 for fans and families alike to come together and embark on an epic quest over the holidays. The free adventure will be available on the Essentials Kit product page and Stay and Home Play at Home hub.

Lost Odyssey: Promised Gold will stream exclusively on IGN’s TikTok channel at 10:00 AM PT on 12/20.


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