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Dark Scrolls OSR/5E Zine Issues are Available in Print and PDF

The three issue run of Dark Scrolls is available

Dark Scrolls #1 (Xacur)Xacur has their three issue run of the Dark Scrolls OSR/5E zine available in print and PDF. The trio look to be full of interesting content. The 48 issues are available in print for $9.00 or in PDF for $7.00 at DriveThruRPG.

About the issues:

Issue one includes:

A short dungeon/adventure with new monsters
– 20 new magic item
– New monsters from the dragon mountain
– 18 new spells
– Random tables
And more…

Issue two includes:

3 new Families of Dragons, and a total of 5 new dragon types
– Lairs with maps for each dragon type
– Dragon Magic, and Draconic spells with Dragonic triggers
– 10 new Dragon-related magic items

Issue three includes:

 A Town Generator with random tables.
– A high level dungeon, The Tomb of Heaven and Hell
– All new monsters from the dungeon with stats for 5e and OSR
– New Powerful Magic Items

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