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Dawn: Rise of the Occulites Demo at Phoenix Vul-Con

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I’ll be covering Vul-Con this year and looking forward to checking out what looks to be an odd little miniatures game, Dawn: Rise of the Occulites from Darwin Games. I’ve heard a few things about the game but there haven’t been any demos in the area, to my knowledge, until now.

From Darwin Games:

G’day guys,

If you are in the US and anywhere near Phoenix, you may be aware that the Phoenix Vul-Con 2012 is coming up very quickly. In fact it will be happening on the 25th and 26th of February at the Phoenix Convention Centre. Why is an Australian company mentioning a Convention in the US?

Well, because Dawn: Rise of the Occulites will be represented there in the form of demo games run by some of Darwin Games’ US friends and playtesters. This will be your first opportunity to see the game demo-ed at a US convention and we hope that those of you who are close by will pop down to say g’day and have a game! I sadly won’t be able to attend (stuck in Australia teaching) but Kelly and Russ are both enthusiastic and have been instrumental in the external playtesting of Dawn, so drop in and say g’day!

For more information on locations and times that the demos will be run, check out Vul-Con 2012.

At the moment it will be run on both days on table M25. So stop by, check out some of the miniatures and see how the game plays!

If you do get the chance to drop in, we’d love to post any comments, feedback or questions you may have here or on the forums: Darwin Games Forums.

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