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DCC/MCC Adventure Welcome to Eastwood is Up on Kickstarter

A new Mutant Crawl Classic tale is up for crowdfunding

MCC Welcome to Eastwood (Studio 9 Games)Studio 9 Games has a new Dungeon Crawl Classics/Mutant Crawl Classics adventure up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Welcome to Eastwood is a 28 page tale in which the player characters find themselves in an old west styled theme park occupied by robotic performers. The project is well past its funding goal and you can receive both the print and PDF editions of the adventure for a $13.00 pledge through February 11th. Expected delivery of the physical release is this May.

From Studio 9:

“Well, howdy thar’ partner! If ya’ don’t mind me sayin’,  ya’ look parched. Grab a sarsaparilla ‘n lemme’ take a minute o’ yer time.” 

“No matter how ya got here, it’s our pleasure to. . . (BLIP). . . its our. . . (BLIP). . .ERROR. . . ERROR . . . (BLIP, BLIP, BLIP) . . . system failure. . . ” 

Welcome to Eastwood is a 28pp MCC or DCC sandbox adventure for 1st or 2nd level characters. While it is made for Dungeon Crawl Classics or Mutant Crawl Classics, it could be adapted to almost any RPG world/system. 

Eastwood is the ultimate vacation theme park. Its “wild west” veneer conceals the techno wizardry of a powerful temporal field. After weeks (or months) at the resort, visitors could re-enter life moments after leaving for vacation, and never miss a day’s work. But neglect of its systems sends the entire park bouncing into distant pasts and futures. 

The adventure begins as the PCs stumble upon a strange “village” that mysteriously appears overnight. Getting into Eastwood is simple, but escaping proves to be a deadly challenge.

This adventure was first played outside our local test group at the 2020 Bride of Cyclops Con. During the year that shall not be named, we are truly honored to share a lot of laughs and thrills with the players who dared enter Eastwood.

MCC Welcome to Eastwood Map (Studio 9 Games)

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