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D&D Lair Assault Event: Spiderkiller has Begun

An all new Dungeons & Dragons Lair Assault is revving up at your favorite hobby stores and it looks to be a doozy for 9th level characters.

From Wizards of Coast:

Wizards of the Coast is thrilled to announce the latest D&D Lair Assault challenge, Spiderkiller, has begun at participating hobby game stores across the country.  A Wizards Play Network in-store program running through August 31, D&D Lair Assault: Spiderkiller pits tactically-minded players against an ultimate, skill-testing challenge to defeat the fiercest enemies in a thrilling convention-style play setting.

D&D Lair Assault: Spiderkiller highlights include:

  • Careening down the River Sargauth on a raft
  • Descending down a whirlpool into the “Lost Level” of Undermountain
  • Battling drow and spiders
  • Facing an array of random effects in a chamber of mirrors and pillars

It’s time to gather your master tacticians and rules experts together to kick down the dungeon doors and begin the assault!

See additional information about D&D Lair Assault: Spiderkiller below. To find a participating store near you, visit the Events Page on

About D&D Lair Assault: Spiderkiller

Somewhere in the Lost Level of Undermountain, the fallen drow matron Shi’nayne is trying to open a way to the Demonweb. In this challenge, adventurers must brave the depths of Undermountain, onetime playground of the mad wizard Halaster Blackcloak, in order to stop her. If she succeeds, nothing will stop the Spider Queen and her armies from overwhelming Skullport, Waterdeep and the whole of Faerûn.

For this challenge, players create characters of 9th level, using any official 4th Edition D&D® products and materials.  Additionally, D&D Fortune Cards™ can also be used during the challenge to give players an added edge. As with previous challenges, players gain awards and earn glory for their characters, up to a total of 200.

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