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Deluxe ‘The King in Yellow: Annotated Edition’ is Now Available in PDF

The King in Yellow Annotated Edition (Arc Dream Publishing)Arc Dream Publishing has been hard at work on a deluxe annotated volume of Robert W. Chambers classic The King in Yellow. While the Mythos related edition will be arriving this Spring in a deluxe format (preorder now for $89.99), as of today you can score the lavishly illustrated 220 page tome in PDF for $24.99 from DriveThruRPG.

From Arc Dream:

Have You Found the Yellow Sign?

“I was turning to go into the dining-room when my eye fell upon a book bound in serpent skin, standing in a corner of the top shelf of the last bookcase.” —Robert W. Chambers, “The Yellow Sign”

The King in Yellow. Robert W. Chambers’ unearthly book has inspired millions of shivering readers since the death of the Gilded Age. This beautiful, deluxe edition brings new potency to its stories of madness and romance.

The King in Yellow Annotated Edition Art (Arc Dream Publishing)Acclaimed artist Samuel Araya graces this edition of The King in Yellow with his finest work. Full-page paintings and unnerving sketches evoke the weird romance of Robert Chambers’ finest tales.

Author Kenneth Hite annotates every tale with his uniquely macabre erudition. His insights bring ever-deeper understanding of truths that only the mad or the hopeless would seek.

Designer Simeon Cogswell and publishers Dennis Detwiller and Shane Ivey present a tome that will stand with pride on any shelf. Readers will be drawn again and again to the Sign engraved in gold…to the twin suns strangely setting…to the tattered robes of the King in Yellow.

“Night fell and the hours dragged on, but still we murmured to each other of the King and the Pallid Mask, and midnight sounded from the misty spires in the fog-wrapped city. We spoke of Hastur and of Cassilda, while outside the fog rolled against the blank window-panes as the cloud waves roll and break on the shores of Hali.” —Robert W. Chambers, “The Yellow Sign”

Jeff McAleer

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