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Download the Free Dungeons & Dragons Adventure Jarl Rising

Another D&D freebie has arrived

The final free Stay at Home, Play at Home release of the week for Dungeons & Dragons has arrived from Wizards of the Coast. In D&D Adventurers League: Jarl Rising, the heroes are tasked with learning if an ancient prophesy concerning the unification of the frost giant families has come to pass. The 26 page adventure is for mid-level characters and is a free download at Dungeon Masters Guild until June 5th.

From WotC:

The frost giants of the Ice Mountains have long held to the belief that a great Jarl will one day step forward to unite the families as Konung (king).

With the Ordning shattered, Jarl Ryndolg believes that if he can locate Hartkiller’s Horn, a legendary artifact among giant-kind, he could be the one. He may very well have found what he is looking for. A great clarion call has echoed across the Hartvale for two days, and the giants are all marching north. SEER calls upon adventurers to confirm rumors that Ryndolg may have done just that.

A Four-Hour Adventure for 5th – 10th Level Characters

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