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Duel and Adventure in the Weird West This Summer with ‘Grimslingers’

Grimslingers Boxed Set (Greenbrier Games)A new weird west themed card game is heading our way this summer from the folks at Greenbrier Games. Set for a Gen Con release, Grimslingers promises two modes of play: versus and co-op. Up to six players will bust out arcane magic, strange tech, as well as those trusty shootin’ irons to participate either in head to head duels and free-for-alls or a cooperative narrative campaign spread across the cursed land of the “Forgotten West” while gathering loot and experience along the way.

Stay tuned pardner as we’ll share more info, including pricing and an official web page, as soon as it becomes available.

From Greenbrier:

In a land beyond God’s reckonin’ is a place called the Forgotten West. A cursed land of sorts in the American frontier, housing the damned, the mysterious, the unfortunate. You ended up there, God knows why, and you sure ain’t leavin’ anytime soon.

Grimslinger Components (Greenbrier Games)The Iron Witch, a downright mysterious bein’, has turned you into a Grimslinger, a powerful witch imbued with metal, machine and fancy elemental powers. Now yer maker’s requirin’ all his newly sired to duel each other so that he can make y’all into witches proper for his own purposes.


Grimslingers is a strategic, sci-fi fantasy western themed card game, featuring two different modes of play – versus and co-op. In versus, players will go head to head in teams or a free-for-all using a wide selection of spells, items and abilities.

In co-op, players will work together through a narrative campaign composed of four 60-90 minute play sessions, battling strange creatures, overcoming intense challenges, collecting loot, gaining levels and exploring a truly unique wild west.


  • Two Modes: Versus and Co-op
  • 2-6 Players, 15-30 minutes in Versus Mode
  • 1-4 Players, 60-90 minutes in Co-op Mode
  • Gorgeous illustrations and graphic design
  • Wide variety of unique spells, items and abilities
  • A quirky, humorous and epic coop campaign
  • Play in teams or a free-for-all in versus mode
  • Age 14+

Jeff McAleer

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