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Engage in Vehicular Miniatures Mayhem with ‘Junkerdrome’

Junkerdrome (Goblinoid Games)A new set of vehicular combat miniatures rules have arrived in PDF from Goblinoid Games. Take to the arena in a dystopian future to become a ratings champ and media darling by destroying your automotive opponents in Junkerdrome. The PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $5.95.

From Goblinoid:


You’ve scrounged, stolen, maybe even killed to put together your combat vehicle.

You payed off deathsport officials to get a shot at an audition.

And now you are a contestant in the most famous deathsport on Earth and the colonies.


Junkerdrome is a game of auto combat in a dystopian future. You build a vehicle and fight it out with other drivers in a televised deathsport. Wastelanders and offworlders alike live vicariously through your struggles in the arena.

They want your blood for entertainment.

You just want to make it big.

Junkerdrome includes rules for:

vehicle construction

character creation

auto combat

arena play

campaign play

Junkerdrome is a tabletop miniatures game of auto combat. You use commonly available inexpensive toy cars. The game uses d6s for resolution.

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