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Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Early Access

Family Friendly Bard RPG is Up for Crowdfunding

Bard RPG (Scriv The Bard)Scriv The Bard has a new family friendly roleplaying game up for crowdfunding. Bard RPG promises a themeless system built on classic storytelling methods. You can reserve a copy of the hardcover corebook (with PDF) for an early bird pledge of $35.00, in softcover (with PDF) for a $20.00 pledge, or grab the PDF alone for a $12.00 pledge through July 21st. Expected delivery is next May.

About the project:

Welcome to Bard RPG, an all-ages, genre-agnostic role-playing game where you can harness the power of unique Archetypes to weave the story elements together and drive the adventure forward!

The Bard RPG System is inspired by timeless literary and psychological concepts, which allow players to learn classic storytelling methods while the tale progresses.

The Guidebook is filled with everything you need to create and tell your story, including:

  • Streamlined system guide and storytelling tips
  • Full-colour illustrations
  • Intuitive Character Sheets
  • 36 Unique Archetypal combinations (with an Archetype Quiz to help you choose)
  • Creative fun for the whole family!

This d6 system uses unique mechanics to encourage reflection, mindful action, and collaborative storytelling.


Jeff McAleer

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