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Fantasy Flight Games Announces Setting-less RPG System ‘Genesys’

Genesys Core Rulebook (Fantasy Flight Games)Fantasy Flight Games has announced their first foray into “generic” roleplaying systems with the upcoming Genesys corebook. Utilizing the well received Narrative Dice mechanic, Genesys plans to bring the storytelling power players of FFG’s line up of Star Wars RPGs have been enjoying to any number of genres. Five potential game game settings will be included in the corebook: Fantasy, Steam Punk, Weird War, Modern Day, and Science Fiction with any number of others certainly on FFG’s drawing board. The Genesys Core Rulebook will be available in Q4 of 2017 and carry and MSRP of $39.95.

From FFG:

Blast hordes of reanimated skeletons with holy fire, explore new worlds in a steam-powered zeppelin, match wits with an alien warlord, or invent your own entirely unique world. Unlimited adventure awaits you in a roleplaying system limited only by your imagination with Genesys, a roleplaying game featuring the narrative dice system!

Genesys is a role playing system designed for flexibility and adaptability, specifically tooled to work with any setting imaginable. The Genesys Core Rulebook not only contains an overview of the rules and how the innovative narrative dice system works, but everything a GM and players need to run adventures in five completely different settings. Everything from equipment to adversaries, character abilities to an overview of narrative tropes, all is provided in the core rulebook for Genesys. With a system so adaptable and expansive you can explore every popular roleplaying genre, from classic fantasy style campaigns, to modern day detective thrillers, and even to a far off sci-fi future, Genesys doesn’t fit into any one genre of roleplaying, and instead invites players to craft their own stories with unparalleled freedom. 

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