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Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes Kickstarter

‘Fantasy Resin Custom Miniatures Collection’ Burning Up Kickstarter

Fantasy Resin Collection (Greenbrier Games)Our friends at Greenbrier Games has teamed up with Twinfire Productions to bring a new line of miniatures to Kickstarter. The Fantasy Resin Custom Miniatures Collection (not the most exciting of titles though) look pretty smashing and allow quick a lot of options for the exact mockup you want to bring to your table.

The project is nearly fully funded, with over three weeks to go, and you can reserve all ten figures for a pledge of $100.

From Greenbrier:

A fantastic collection of gorgeous Fantasy resin miniatures with customizable parts for your favorite RPG, tabletop, & miniature games!

Greenbrier Games’ Fantasy Resin Miniatures are a set of high-detail, customizable fantasy miniatures that can be used in a variety of tabletop games and RPGS. Each resin miniature will come with at least one Mutation Pack- an extra head and set of arms that you can swap out with the original parts. Here come the hunters, wanderers, and creatures of the night!  With our Fantasy Resin series, immerse yourself in a world of dark, forbidden, and fantastical legends.

Jeff McAleer

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