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Fantasy RPG Sourcebook Godforsaken is Available from Monte Cook Games

A new Cypher sourcebook has arrived

Godforsaken (Monte Cook Games)Monte Cook Games has released a new fantasy sourcebook for the Cypher System. Godforsaken is packed with gaming info on the themes running through your favorite fantasy series as well as a standalone setting. The 224 page hardcover is available for $49.99 or in PDF, at DriveThruRPG, for $18.99.

From MCG:

Dragons. Magic wands. Singing swords and flying carpets. And above all—heroes!

What fantasy worlds inspire you? The classic high fantasy of Tolkien, Zelazny, or Jordan? Modern fantasy like the Harry Potter series, The Dresden Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Paranormal romance? The whimsy of settings like Discworld or The Dark Crystal? Wuxia, swords and sorcery, or gritty, low-magic settings?

Fantasy—tales of heroes, monsters, and magic—is arguably the oldest genre of human fiction. It’s also the genre that first inspired us to step into imaginary worlds through roleplaying games, and it remains the most popular type of RPG setting. Godforsaken takes the Cypher System on a deep dive into the infinite variety of fantasy realms, with rules, character options, gear, and a complete, ready-to-use setting that makes the most of the fantasy genre.

Whatever fantasy setting you envision, the Cypher System can take you there. Godforsaken includes:

    • Rules for treasure, traps, magic, and other topics particular to fantasy gaming.
    • New playable species, along with new foci, guidelines for adapting existing foci to fantasy use, and advice for building common fantasy character types in the Cypher System.
    • Dozens of fantasy creatures and NPCs, including the basilisk, lich, manticore, elementals, wyvern, and more.
    • Plus scores of new cyphers and artifacts.
    • Discussion of the many varieties and subgenres of fantasy, along with resources for inspiration.
    • The complete Godforsaken setting. Characters seek glory and wealth as they venture into the Godforsaken Lands, leaving behind the protection and blessings of their gods—but there is more to these dimensions than they can possibly be prepared for.
    • Two full-length adventures for use in the Godforsaken setting or your own campaign, plus three Cypher Shorts.

Godforsaken is a setting and supplement for the Cypher System. It requires the Cypher System Rulebook for play.

Godforsaken Art (Monte Cook Games)

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