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FFG Releases Dust Warfare Into Stores This Week

Fantasy Flight Games releases the Dust Warfare Core Book this week and it should be on shelves shortly! You can use your existing Dust Tactics miniatures as combat moves from the game board to the free wheeling openness of a true miniatures system. The core book retails for $39.95.

From FFG:

In the year 1947, World War II still rages. Allied and Axis forces wage massive battles with weapons derived from alien technology in the alternate 1940s reality of Dust Warfare.

Players of this exciting tabletop miniatures game control heroes, squads, and fearsome combat walkers as the world’s great powers battle for control of VK, the rare ore needed to fuel the newest and most powerful developments in weapons technology. Designed by renowned miniatures guru Andy Chambers, the Dust Warfare: Core Rulebook introduces some of the most dynamic and engaging miniatures game design available and integrates stunning miniatures from the fast and furious Dust Tactics board game.

The Dust Warfare Core Book provides information needed to build and customize armies and march into battle.

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