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Final Days to Back ‘Victory’ from Columbia Games on Kickstarter

Victory (Columbia Games)Columbia Games is aiming to return the “fog of war” block game Victory to print in a second edition and they’ve turned to Kickstarter to do so. Victory is jam packed with WWII action and provides ample opportunity to recreate battles of various sizes. The project is 140% funded with five days to go and you can reserve a copy of the core game for a $49.00 pledge. Expected delivery is December of this year.

From Columbia:

Victory is a fast-paced strategy game of World War 2 combat using the popular Columbia Block System where each unit is facing the player, but not the opponent! This “fog-of-war” aspect allows for feints, bluffs, and outright surprises not found in many other wargames! 

Victory is a combined arms wargame where you command a variable force of army, navy, and air units all with different strengths and abilities.
And now, by popular demand, Columbia Games has re-released Victory with the Elite Victory Map and Units (Columbia Games)Units included with the main game! This gives Victory even more depth with torpedo bombers, engineers, supply units and more!

The power to create battles from skirmishes to worldwide conflicts!

The base game comes with 4 geomorphic maps. These tactically rich maps will combine to create numerous battles. The “Dirty Dozen 12-map kit” add-on allows the creation of anything from small skirmishes to entire wars!

Up to six extra armies can be added for multiplayer gameplay or to set up neutral forces in special battle scenarios. Each army includes any stretch goal units that are reached in the campaign! A terrific deal!

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