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Through May 4th, the Knights and Magick Miniatures Rules are Absolutely Free

Knights and Magick Front CoverAs each new day brings fresh horrors during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more and more important for us to enjoy the little things in order to stay remotely sane; especially those on lockdown or “sheltering in place” for long periods. That’s why I’m making the Knights and Magick miniatures rule set PDF absolutely free through May 4th, 2020. Who knows, maybe one of these days I’ll even finally put together a revised and revamped edition of the rules too…

Even if you don’t play miniatures the rules are still an interesting read as a throw back to wargames of the early 1980’s.

Stay smart and stay safe gang!

About Knights & Magick:

Now you are there, beneath the waving banners – a leader of knights and bowmen eager for battle and glory in the glittering Age of Chivalry. The Priest raises his great cross and steel whispers as your knights draw swords. Bowmen let fly their shafts as the great warhorses’ hooves paw the earth and thunder into a charge.

Or you can lead the forces of darkness – a powerful sorcerer conjuring monsters and demons, wrecking the very earth,
commanding armies of foul creatures in a campaign of conquest.

So don your armor and ready your book of spells, for- through the hobby of Adventure Gaming with miniature figures – you are about to enter the enchanted realm of Knights and Magick.


Jeff McAleer

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