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Forbidden Lands: The Book of Beasts and The Bloodmarch are Up on Kickstarter

Two new Forbidden Lands releases are up for crowdfunding

Forbidden Lands: The Bloodmarch and Book of Beasts (Free League Publishing)Two new books for the Forbidden Lands RPG are currently up for crowdfunding on Kickstarter for Free League Publishing. The Book of Beasts and The Bloodmarch will bring new creatures to the game world as well as provide a full length adventure campaign. The project is already well past the 500% funding mark and you can reserve copies of both books in hardcover for a $64.00 pledge of in PDF for a $36.00 pledge through August 26th with an expected delivery of August next year.

Forbidden Lands was one of my favorite RPG releases of 2018 and you can check out my review here.

About the books:

Forbidden Lands is growing bigger – and more dangerous!  This Kickstarter offers not just one but two major expansions for the multiple award-winning Forbidden Lands retro-fantasy survival RPG:

  • The Book of Beasts, a bestiary you can play, beautifully illustrated and filled to the brim with murderous monsters and lethal encounters.
  •  The Bloodmarch, a campaign book expanding the game world and including a full campaign – Legacy of Horn.

Come join us in making these books a reality and also to help us to fill them with Forbidden Lands goodness!

The Book of Beasts is a bestiary you can play. It presents at least twenty-five new monsters in great detail, with further bonus monsters unlocked as stretch goals (see below). Each beast comes ready to play with tailored random encounters, presenting the Gamemaster with a handy set of mini-adventures to go.
The book also includes legends about each monster, introduces the option to harvest resources from slain beasts, and lets the player characters use their Lore skills to gain insight into a monster´s strengths and weaknesses. This will help them defeat – or at least survive an encounter with – the book´s monstrosities.

With this expansion, Forbidden Lands gets a whole lot weirder! The Bloodmarch is the name given to the volcanic region west of Ravenland, now accessible as the Shadowgate Pass is again opened. This ancient place of battle-ready horse riders and secretive dwarves is rapidly changing due to the demonic vegetation spreading across the land. Most see this red curse as a threat to all that is good, while others view it as a good thing – or at least a necessary evil needed to reach other goals. 

The PCs can choose a side, or side with themselves, as the Legacy of Horn campaign sets the PCs on a hunt for Horn´s Astra, a legendary set of artifacts sought by many in the ashen land. These powerful items are said to be able to stop the demonic growth, or be powerful enough to ensure its triumph.

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