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Free ‘Kids on Bikes: The House on Poplar Court’ Adventure is Now in PDF

Kids on Bikes: The House on Poplar Court (Renegade Game Studios/Hunters Entertainment)Just in time for Halloween, the Free RPG Day 2019 adventure for Kids on Bikes is now available in PDF from Renegade Game Studios and Hunters Entertainment. The House on Poplar Court will task the player characters with investigating a mysteriously abandoned home on the outskirts of town. Why haven’t the kids checked this place out before now? Hmmm? You can score this 22 page PDF absolutely free at DriveThruRPG.

About the adventure:

Thanks for checking out the Free RPG Day 2019 release for Kids on Bikes!


  • 5 Pre-Made Characters (All Teens)
  • 4 Monsters
  • 1 Powered Character
  • 3 Part Scenario

Hebron, Indiana 1985

Theo Easton has called together a meeting of the Investigations Club, like he might normally do on a weekend night. Tonight, he has decided it’s time to investigate the strange, abandoned house at the end of Poplar Court, at the very edge of the town, before the residential neighborhood gives way to vast cornfields.

No one can say exactly how long the house has been there, or how long it has been abandoned, but the characters have never investigated it before, although they can’t say why. Lately, passersby have reported a crying noise from within the house, as if a little girl is trapped inside. The noise vanishes almost as quickly as it comes, and so no one has bothered to enter the house.

Until now!

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