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Free Pathfinder Extinction Curse Player’s Guide is Available for Download

The player's guide for the upcoming Pathfinder adventure path is available

Pathfinder: Extinction Curse Player's Guide (Paizo Inc)The latest Pathfinder adventure path is on the horizon from Paizo Inc and the free player’s guide is now available. The Extinction Curse Player’s Guide provides plenty of tips and advice to get the player characters ready for adventuring as part of a travelling circus, beginning with Pathfinder AP #151 The Show Must Go On. The PDF download is absolutely free.

From Paizo:

The free Extinction Curse Player’s Guide is now available! From humble beginnings as members of the cast-off and cobbled-together Circus of Wayward Wonders, a handful of heroes will rise to avert a catastrophe that threatens to swallow the islands of the Inner Sea! Any kind of adventurer can find a home in the circus, from burly barbarians and flamboyant bards to nimble monks and flashy sorcerers, and the Extinction Curse Adventure Path welcomes them all. This player’s guide contains lots of spoiler-free advice to prepare your characters for the challenges ahead of them.

In addition to character advice, this player’s guide contains information about the Isle of Kortos and the Isle of Erran, and also describes the mysterious aeon towers that dot the islands. A short discussion on building circus tricks is also included in the player’s guide, although the full rules for running a circus appear in the adventure path’s first volume, Pathfinder #151 The Show Must Go On. Nine new backgrounds round out the player’s guide, including aerialist, barker, mystic seer, rigger, and—of course—clown.

The Extinction Curse Player’s Guide gives players everything they need to create characters for their adventures around the Starstone Isle and beyond. Within this spoiler–free guide, you’ll find:

  • Recommendations for alignments, ancestries, classes, languages, and skills that make good choices for the Extinction Curse Adventure Path.
  • Nine new backgrounds, including aerialist, clown, and mystic seer.
  • An introduction to creating circus tricks to establish your legacy under the big top.
  • A gazetteer of the Isles of Kortos and Erran.
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