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GAMA Announces 38th Annual Origins Awards Nominees

It’s that time of year again where the folks at the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) release the nominees for the Origins awards which will take place at this year’s Origins Game Fair. I’m sure, as usual, we’ll be scratching our heads at some of the winners but at least it’s nice to see the list of nominees get some recognition for putting together a lot of the great gaming goodies that keep us smiling all year long! Elliott and I will be at Origins again this year and I think we may actually do our best to attend the awards dinner for a change.

You can click on any of the thumbnails below to go directly to the website for the nominee.

From the GAMA announcement:

The Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design is proud to announce the nominees for the 38th Annual Origins Awards. The nominees were voted by the retailer attendees of the 2012 GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas, NV.Final voting for the Origins Awards will take place at the Origins Game Fair, May 30-June 3, 2012 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.

The Origins Awards Library located in Exhibit Hall D will Display all entries from 2012 Origins Awards Submissions. One copy of each entry will be made available to Origins attendees in our Origins Game Fair Lending Library featuring only the current year’s submissions. Origins Award nominees will be predominantly displayed with Origins Award nomination stickers.

During the 2012 Origins Game Fair, attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite game, accessory, or book in each category. Each attendee is limited to one voting ballot. the Academy Chair and Secretary will tally votes at the end of each day and will show the leaders on the Origins Award Leader Board. Voting will end at noon on Saturday, June 2nd.

The 2012 Origins Awards will be announced during the 2012 Origins Game Fair,  Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the Origins Awards Ceremony. The Awards ceremony will be held in the Terrace Ballroom 5, which is located on the second floor of the north end of the Greater Columbus Convention Center. The Awards ceremony is business to business casual. Cocktails will be available for purchase one hour before the ceremony. At the ceremony, winners will have the opportunity to give a short acceptance speech. GAMA will have  a press release after the ceremony to announce the 2012 Origins Awards Winners

Best Roleplaying Game

Abney Park’s Airship Pirates – Cubicle 7 Entertainment – “Captain” Robert Brown, Peter Cakebread, Andrew Peregrine, Ian Sturrock, Ken Walton
Arcanis – Paradigm Concepts – Eric Wiener, Pedro Barrenechea, and Henry Lopez
Ashen Stars – Pelgrane Press – Robin D. Laws
Leverage: The RPG – Margaret Weis Productions – Cam Banks, Rob Donoghue, and Clark Valentine
The One Ring – Cubicle 7 Entertainment – Amado Angulo, Marco Maggi,
Dominic McDowall-Thomas, Francesco Nepitello

Best Roleplaying Supplement or Adventure

Bookhounds of London (Trail of Cthulhu) – Pelgrane Press – Kenneth H. Hite
Dragon Age, Set 2 (Dragon Age) – Green Ronin Publishing – Steve Kenson, T.S. Luikart, Chris Pramas, and Jeff Tidball
The Great Clans (L5R 4th Edition) – AEG – Shawn Carman, Rob Hobart, Brian Yoon
Monster Vault (D&D 4E) – Wizards of the Coast – Rodney Thompson, Logan Bonner, & Matthew Sernett
Shadows over Scotland (Call of Cthulhu) – Cubicle 7 Entertainment – Stuart Boon

Best Board Game

Conquest of Nerath – Wizards of the Coast – Richard Baker, Mons Johnson, & Peter Lee
Automobile – Mayfair Games – Martin Wallace
Hibernia – Closet Nerd – Eric Vogel
High Noon Saloon – Slugfest Games – Cliff Bohm & Geoff Bottone
Pastiche – Gryphon Games – Sean D. MacDonald

Best Traditional Card Game

Cthulhu Gloom – Atlas Games – Keith Baker
NUTS! – Wildfire LLC – Matthew Grau
Red Dragon Inn 3 – Slugfest Games – Geoff Bottone, Jeff Morrow, and Cliff Bohm
Star Trek Deck Building Game – BANDAI – Alex Bykov
Struggle for Catan – Mayfair Games – Klaus Teuber

Best Family, Party or Children’s Game

BEARS! – Fireside Games – Anne-Marie De Witt
Faux∙Cabulary – Out of the Box Publishing – Matthew Nuccio
Get Bit! – Mayday Games – Dave Chalker
Scavengers – Zombie State Games – John Werner
Space Mission – Schmidt Spiele – Matthew Worden

Best Miniatures Figure or Line

Forge Father Huscarl – Mantic
Giant Sized X-Men Heroclix – Wizkids/NECA
St. Luke – Dark Age
Storm Strider – Privateer Press
Zombie Wedding Party – Studio Miniatures

Best Miniatures Rules or Expansion

Battletech: The Wars of Reaving – Catalyst Game Labs – Ben H. Rome, Herbert A. Beas, Paul Sjardijn
Carnevale: The Miniatures Game – Vesper-on Games – David Esbri
Light Bikes – Glory Games – J. P. Trostle
Street Fighter Starter Set – Wizkids/NECA – Wizkids/NECA
Tomorrow’s War – Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley Games – Shawn Carpenter, Robby Carpenter
Warmachine: Wrath – Privateer Press – David Carl, Bryan Cutler, Doug Seacat, Jason Soles, Matt Wilson

Best Collectible Card Game or Expansion

Legend of the Five Rings: Second City – AEG
Magic the Gathering : Innistrad – Wizards of the Coast
Pokemon Black & White: Emerging Powers – Nintendo
World of Warcraft: Dungeon Decks – Cryptozoic Entertainment
World of Warcraft: The Throne of Tides – Cryptozoic Entertainment

Best Game Accessory

Dungeon Tiles: The Witchlight Fens – Wizards of the Coast – Peter Lee & Jason Engle
Dice Earrings – GameScience – GameScience
Dungeon Masters Keep – Gale Force Nine – Gale Force Nine
Munchkin Zombies 2: Armed & Dangerous – Steve Jackson Games – Steve Jackson
Shadowrun Runner’s Toolkit – Catalyst Game Labs – Elissa Carey, Rusty Childers, Cole Davidson, 
Mark Dynna, Adam Jury, Robyn King-Nitschke, Adam Large, Drew Littell, Elizabeth Nold,
Brandie Tarvin, Peter Taylor, Malik Toms, Michael Wich, Russell Zimmerman 

Best Game-Related Publication

Cliffourd the Big Red God – Atlas Games – Kenneth H. Hite & Andy Hopp
The Kobold Guide to Board Game Design – Open Design LLC – Mike Selinker with Rob Daviau, James Ernest, Matt Forbeck, Richard Garfield, Dave Howell, Steve Jackson, John Kovalic, Richard C. Levy, Andrew Looney, Michelle Nephew, Paul Peterson, Lisa Steenson, Jeff Tidball, Teeuwynn Woodruff, and Dale Yu
Designers & Dragons – Mongoose Publishing – Shannon Appelcline
Untold Adventures – Wizards of the Coast – Alan Dean Foster, Mike Resnick, Kevin J. Anderson, John Shirley, Jay Lake, Sarah Zettel, and many more.
Everything I Need to Know I Learned From Dungeons & Dragons – Wizards of the Coast – Shelley Mazzanoble

 Best Historical Board Game

Strike of the Eagle – Academy Games -Brian Bennett, Uwe Eickert, Robert Żak
Test of Fire: Bull Run 1861 – Mayfair Games – Martin Wallace
Band of Brothers: Screaming Eagles – Worthington Games – Jim Krohn
Lost Battles – Fifth Column Games – Philip Sabin
No Retreat! The Russian Front – GMT – Carl Paradis
World War II Barbarossa 1941 – Zvesda – Konstantin Krivenko

Best Historical Miniatures Rules or Expansion

SAGA – Gripping Beast – Studio Tomahawk
Waterloo –
Warhammer Historical – Mark Latham
Flames of War: Cassino –
Battlefront Miniatures Ltd. –  Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.

Command Combat: Civil War 1861 – Bandwagon Books – Jeff McArthur
Force on Force, 2nd Edition –
Osprey Publishing/Ambush Alley Games – Shawn Carpenter, Robby Carpenter

Hail Caesar! – Warlord Games – Rick Priestley

 Best Historical Miniatures Figure or Line

Bolt Action WW2 – Warlord Games
Italian Wars – Wargames Foundry
Sudan 1881-1885 – Perry Miniatures
Napoleon at War – Man at War
Tropic Lightning Vietnam War – Battlefront Miniatures Ltd.
Anglo Zulu War – Empress Miniatures

Best Play by Mail or Correspondence Game

Continental Rails – Production R Danard – John Van De Graaf
Hyborian War – Reality Simulations Inc -Edward Schoonover 
Phoenix: Beyond the Stellar Empire – KJC Games
Cruenti Dei – Sardarthion Press – Thom Ryng
Heroic Fantasy – Flying Buffalo Inc – Rick Loomis and Steve MacGregor


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