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GAMA Trade Show 2014: Cryptozoic Entertainment to Release ‘NHL Powerplay Team-Building Card Game’

NHL Power PlayAs a huge fan of professional hockey (and the Chicago Blackhawks in particular) I was pleasantly surprised to see a prototype box for the NHL Powerplay Team-Building Card Game on the shelves at the Cryptozoic Entertainment booth. You’ll hear more about the title this weekend in the interview I’ll be posting, but the gameplan for the title is to include three releases in the line on a yearly basis: one in October at the start of the current season, another at the All Star Break, and a third as the Stanley Cup playoffs are about to begin. The base set will include around 200 cards and is designed based on the Cerberus game system.

No word on the MSRP as of yet but I would think the pricing should be in line with most of Cryptozoic’s other deck builders, probably in the $40 range. This is certainly a title both Tony Manchen and I will be keeping our eyes on. Sorry to say my photo from the Cryptozoic booth didn’t come out, for some reason, so the one used in this post is courtesy of ICv2.

From Cryptozoic:

Captain your very own Pro Hockey Team in the NHL Power Play Team-Building Card Game! With your Captain card to guide you, put together the best team you can from names across all 30 NHL teams. Have you ever wanted to create a dream team of your favorite players? Now you can! Every card features your favorite stars of the NHL in glorious high-resolution action shots. Can you light the lamp enough times to win the game?

Compete for the best attackers, the best defenders, the best skills, and the best maneuver cards. Each card you add to your team will build upon the strategy you have chosen. Soon your team will act like a well-oiled machine and you’ll be ready to take a shot on goal. If you can beat the goalie, you score a point! The player who scores the most points wins. Games typically end with “hockey scores” like 4-3.

When you take a shot on goal, the action is tense. Before you reveal all of the tricks up your sleeve, there is a chance for defenders to interfere with your attack. The more defenders that get in your way, the harder it will be to score. After the defenders (if any) have been revealed, you play out your hand. That’s right! The defenders won’t know who’s crashing the net until after they have coordinated their defense. Now that you know what you’re up against, play your cards and see if your strategy and players were good enough to overcome the defenses and the goalie. If it is, you score!

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  1. I just read about the NHL Power Play Team Building game you will be bringing out this year. I can not wait! Just from what I’ve read I know my 17 yr old son and I will wear this thing out.

    As you know, sports games struggle for acceptance in the gaming world. This sounds like the game I have been waiting for…and you did it with the NHL to boot. I live in Indy and try to attend GenCon. Will there be anything (advanced copies, etc) in Indy for NHL Power Play? Either way, I will own a copy as soon as possible.

    Thanks Cryptozoic!!!!!!!!!!!

    Terry Wrightsman

    1. I’m looking forward to this one too Terry. We’ll have to see if they have anything at Gen Con or if have to wait until closer to the opening of the 2014/2015 NHL season.

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