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GAMA Trade Show 2014: ‘Polyversal’ to Kickstart This Year

Polyversal CoverI had a chance to chat with my pal Byron Collins, of Collins Epic Wargames, as he showed of his excellent Spearpoint line up of games as well as my first look at the 6mm SF miniatures system Polyversal. Unfortunately, Byron was flying solo at his booth so I didn’t get him on mic but more details about Polyversal did emerge as I got my first peek.

As mentioned, the 6mm system features hexagonal unit cards which not only contain the attack, defense, and movement factors but also provide a visual indication of the command structure of the force. Units lose effectiveness as they take losses and can also find themselves outside their command radius. I’ll gather, since this is a CEW release, we’ll see more of a near future type of setting than one of pure science fantasy.

It was also revealed Polyversal will begin a Kickstarter funding project sometime in 2014 with backers having a choice of receiving the rules system alone (for those who already own miniatures) or a full blown package, which includes various miniatures from a variety of independent manufacturers, so gamers can get up and running ASAP. The system will include the rules, unit cards, order markers, and a variety of other status counters.

I, for one, am certainly looking forward to the Kickstarter launch and all it will entail!

Polyversal at GAMA TS 2014

Jeff McAleer

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