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Gather the Hepcats and Check Out ‘Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge’ on Kickstarter

Swinging Jivecat Voodoo LoungeA mighty slick and stylish looking game design is currently up for funding over at Kickstarter by way of Game Designers ClubhouseSwinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge pokes some fun at the cocktail culture of the 1950s and 60s with a seemingly odd combination of socializing hip guys and gals, mixology, voodoo spells, and real life cocktail recipes. The project runs through February 5th (with a projected ship date of November 2015) and you can score a copy at the $50 pledge level.

And be sure to cue up a little Brian Setzer Orchestra while you’re at it!

About the project:

Sip your cocktail, warm up your power skulls. and get ready to score some magical monkey points at the Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge!

You and your fellow voodoo spirits have traveled back in time to poke a little fun at the hepcats of the 1950’s and 60’s cocktail culture.

  • Power your mystical influences with voodoo skulls to link these lounge-goers into social cliques that give you access to the coolest party-people that all the hipsters want to be near.
  • Score magical monkey points (YES, THE GAME COMES WITH COCKTAIL MONKEYS) to hang on your martini glass (YES, THE GAME COMES WITH MARTINI GLASSES) by adding jivecat contacts to your clique.
  • Claim trend cards through timely and skillful manipulation of your lounge contacts.
  • Be the player with the most monkeys at the end of the round in which a player scores their fifteenth monkey and be crowned King of the Swinging Jivecat Voodoo Lounge.
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