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Ghost Train Games Working on Alternative Civil War: 1861

acw1861The folks at Ghost Train Games are hard at work on a new steampunk-ish game set during the American Civil War. Set in 28mm scale, Alternative Civil War: 1861 will bring not only advanced technology to the battlefield but magic and weird creatures as well. No word on a launch date as of yet but an alpha rules set should be available soon.

From Ghost Train Games:

Alternative Civil War: 1861 is a 28mm scale miniture wargame set in an alternate background where impossible science collides with ancient magicks and weird beings clash with courageous soldiers on the American Civil War battlegrounds.

Disclaimer: We believe this disclaimer is unnecessary, but we will do it anyways. This game presents an alternative version of a specific period in history. It accounts historical events, details, equipment and uniforms. All insignia, flags and banners are included to maintain complete the historical flavour. Albeit we will be narrating many historical facts, they are presented in a fictional scenario and we dont aim for historical accuracy (actually, we will generally prefer it for a more thrilling story). Also, we will be treating sensible topics, such as slavery and secession.

The inclusion of these insignia, events, historical facts and/or topics is in no way an endorsement or approval of the activities associated with them.

Our only goal is to create and show you an awesome game, and this historical period is an awesome era, full of heroes and legends, which we will fuel even more!

Jeff McAleer

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