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GMT Live Demo of 1989: Dawn of Freedom on June 11th

Our friends at GMT will be hosting a live demo of one of my favorite games this year, 1989: Dawn of Freedom on Monday June 11th. If you’ve been wondering how 1989 is different than Twilight Struggle or what mechanics it shares with our top rated game, you’ll want to tune in and find out!

From GMT:

As part of our continuing commitment to helping our players enjoy our games via online play, we are making the GMT Ventrilo Voice Server available to all of our customers for FREE use to augment your online game play, effective immediately. We hope you guys will find this a useful additional tool in enjoying your online play. As we’ve tested the system recently, customer feedback has been excellent regarding the sound quality and ease of use of our Ventrilo Voice server, especially for multi-player gaming.

Note that our voice server can be used to augment play of any online gaming – Cyberboard, Sun Tzu, Vassal, ADC, etc. Ventrilo just provides the voice conferencing component, while taking up very few system resources. We generally use Vassal with Ventrilo in our live online sessions, but that is because of Vassal’s live “Synchronization” feature – which allows all attendees to synch up with what is on the leader’s vassal screen and follow his moves visually in real time as well.

Over the coming weeks, we will also be providing more – and more varied – online live events via the GMT Ventrilo Voice Server. Sometimes in concert with Vassal, sometimes just with audio conferencing, these will be opportunities for teaching games, showing details of upcoming games, holding seminars by various designers and company insiders, and Q & A sessions that offer real-time access to many of the GMT insiders. We’re looking forward to enhancing our communications with our customers and bettering our teaching of and support for our games via this venue.

We will be hosting a live demonstration of 1989: Dawn of Freedom! We will be using this VASSAL module for the demo. If you’re curious how this game plays compared to Twilight Struggle, tune in to this live demo and you’ll be able to see for yourself!

Jeff McAleer

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