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Good Games Publishing Theme Park Building Game Unfair Returns

A new print run of Unfair arrives soon

Unfair (Good Games Publishing)Good Games Publishing is bringing back their darkly humorous theme park building game Unfair. In the game, players do just about anything in their power (by hook or by crook) to manage the greatest theme park and leave their competitors in the dust. Unfair is for two to five players, ages 10+, plays in 50-125 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $49.99 when it arrives in Q1.

From Good Games:

Build the best theme park. Whatever it takes.

Mix your favourite themes from Pirate, Robot, Vampire, Jungle, Ninja and Gangster. Build attractions and upgrade them to match blueprints, stack up towering rides, or simply make the most cash.

Watch out though – your competitors may pay off the safety inspectors to close your rides or hire hooligans to vandalise your park! How will you get revenge?

Whatever happens, it’s bound to be… Unfair!

Unfair Contents (Good Games Publishing)

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