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Gopher Broke Dice Game Arrives in January

Gopher Broke (Playroom Entertainment/Ultra Pro)Playroom Entertainment and Ultra Pro are teaming for a new family friendly dice game. In Gopher Broke, players will push their luck to see how quickly they can reach the Millionaire Mansion. The game is for two to six players, ages 6+, plays in around 10 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $15.00.

About the game:

Gopher Broke is a fast-paced game fun for the whole family!

Each turn, roll all 7 dice. If you roll more gophers than foxes, you can move 1 space for each money bag rolled OR “Gopher Broke!” and leave your money bags and foxes on the table, and re-roll all gophers to try to get more money!

If you roll more foxes than gophers, your turn ends and you pass dice to the next player.

If your movement ENDS on a space occupied by another player, you bump that player back to the gopher hole (0).

Be the first to make it around the board 3 times to reach Millionaire’s Mansion to win!

Jeff McAleer

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