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Grab the Massive November Third Party ‘Pathfinder’ Humble Bundle

The latest Humble RPG Book Bundle is available and the focus this time is Pathfinder by way of Frog God Games, Kobold Press, and Green Ronin Publishing. For a single, solitary dollar you can score eight books. At the eight dollar level you can add an additional six books and if you go in for fifteen dollars you can grab all twenty titles. The entire bundle carries an MSRP of $417.00. Included in the mix are the Advanced Bestiary, Cyclopean Deeps, and Freeport: The City of Adventure. Plus, don’t forget, you’re also supporting a great charity in the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society.

Here’s the rundown:

Pay $1 or more…

  • Book of Dirty Tricks (Frog God Games)
  • The Black Monastery (Frog God Games)
  • Quests of Doom (Frog God Games)
  • Cults of the Sundered Kingdoms (Frog God Games)
  • Unusual Suspects (Frog God Games)
  • Streets of Zobeck (Kobold Press)
  • Zobeck Gazetteer (Kobold Press)
  • Advanced Bestiary (Green Ronin)

Pay $8 or more to unlock…

  • Rappan Athuk (Frog God Games)
  • Dead Man’s Chest (Frog God Games)
  • Against Tsathogga (Frog God Games)
  • Cyclopean Deeps Vol. 1-2 (Frog God Games)
  • Your Whispering Homonculus (Kobold Press)

Pay $15 or more to also unlock…

  • Halls of the Mountain King (Kobold Press)
  • The Mother of All Treasure Tables (Frog God Games)
  • Splinters of Faith Vol. 1-10 (Frog God Games)
  • Deep Magic (Kobold Press)
  • Wrath of the River King (Kobold Press)
  • Freeport: The City of Adventure (Green Ronin)

Humble RPG Book Bundle November 2016 (Humble Bundle)

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