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Hellguard: Curse of Caina is Up for Crowdfunding

Hellguard: Curse of Caina Art (Granite Glyph Publishing Co.)A rules light, single evening RPG is up for crowdfunding for Granite Glyph Publishing Co.Hellguard: Curse of Caina. The Kickstarter is nearing its funding goal and you can reserve a copy of the digital edition for a $20 pledge or grab the hardcover for a $40.00 pledge through August 2nd. Expected delivery is mid 2023.

About the project:

Hellguard: Curse of Caina is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by Diablo, Castlevania, Call of Cthulhu, and other dark fantastic worlds. The game focuses on the land of Caina, a continent buried in the long shadow of an infernal war that twisted the landscape and warped the hearts of its people. Villages scrape by on the edges of barren wilderness, ignorant of the supernatural evil that walks the streets. Ancient apocrypha, ripped from the tongues of tortured saints, portend that Hell will wage a new war on humanity from the shadows. But against the specter of annihilation stand the few damned souls with the power—and the will—to save this tragic world from itself.  

Hellguard blends the mounting suspense of horrific investigation with the thrill of anime-inspired combat and brings them together in a unique experience—approachable by board gamers and TTRPG veterans alike.

Jeff McAleer

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