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‘Kaijudo – Quest for the Gauntlet’ Now Available

Kaijudo Quest for the Gauntlet Collector's BoxKids of all ages have a new avenue into checking out the Kaijudo collectible card game, from Wizards of the Coast, with the release of the Quest for the Gauntlet Core Set. Booster drafting rules have also been added into the mix and there’s a slew of Summer events coming up to test your competitive mettle.

From Wizards of the Coast:

Wizards of the Coast announce the release of Kaijudo – Quest for the Gauntlet! The new Core Set brings Booster Draft gameplay to Kaijudo for the very first time! Built from the ground up for sealed play, Quest for the Gauntlet is a 170-card expansion and each booster pack offers even more cards– 14!

Drafting: To draft Kaijudo, all you need is 4 or more players, a few booster packs per player, and the drive to compete! Each player grabs a few boosters, opens one pack, chooses a card and passes the remaining cards to his or her left. Players continue to choose one card until all of the cards are gone from each pack. Repeat this process, alternating passing to the right and to the left with the each pack.  Once all the cards have been drafted, players make 30-card decks from their selections and the dueling begins!

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