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Keep Up the Fire! Wargame Crushes 1600% of Funding Goal

Worthington Publishing is crowdfunding a John Welch remake.

Old School Wargames, a wing of Worthington Publishing, is in the midst of crowdfunding a new deluxe edition of the John Welch designed Keep Up the Fire! Set during the Boxer Rebellion of 1900, the player must hold out with the besieged Foreign Legations until a relief column arrives. Keep Up the Fire! is a solitaire game for ages 13+ and plays in around an hour. The project is over 1500% funded and you can reserve copy for a $59 pledge through February 27th. Expected delivery is this July.

You can check out my review of the original Victory Point Game release right here.

About the Kickstarter:

Keep Up The Fire! is a solitaire game set in 1900 Peking, China. You are in command of the Foreign Legations (Ambassadors, their families, staff and small security forces) in the areas assigned to imperial powers and a relief column coming to their rescue. An anti-imperialist revolution is sweeping China and your presence has become the focal point of the Chinese “Boxers” (Society of the Harmonious Fists) and Imperial Manchu forces of the Qing Army who are angry and determined to expel all foreigners from China.

Outnumbered, outgunned, and besieged within a small compound in the heart of Peking, you must hold on and hope the relief column can get to you in time.

At the Legation Compound siege, you must coordinate the various foreign detachments that have joined to defend their position until an eight nation relief column arrives. You also command the eight nation relief column, battling their way from the port of Taku, inland through hostile territory, trying to break the siege at Peking.

The game is a race against time as the Chinese forces besieging the Legation Compound are attacking relentlessly while the relief column battles its way to the rescue. With limited time and relentless attacks on the Compound, will you manage to Keep Up The Fire?

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