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‘L’Gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures Volume Three’ is Up for Kickstarter Funding

Power Up Gamers (PUG) are continuing their mission to make roleplaying games more accessible for disabled players with a crowdfunding project for a third volume of their L’Gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures series. Volume three promises twenty-six new creatures presented in ways aimed at engaging the imaginations of players. There are a variety of pledge levels but you can score the new volume of amazing creatures in PDF for a $10.00 pledge or grab all three volumes, also in PDF, for a $25.00 pledge through August 1st. Expected delivery is slated for this October.

Sorry to say there really aren’t any previews for the new volume so I used the cover art from book two.

From PUG:

Power Up Gamer (PUG) is proud to announce the launching of its third Kickstarter for the next volume of its series of monster manuals, L’Gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures series. Continuing from volume one and two, this new product will include 26 new, flavourful creatures for the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, this time focusing on the fantastical hostile and hellish denizens of L’Gat’s Prime Material Plane. The book will also carry the company ethos of supplying gamers with ways of making their games more accessible to a wider variety of people, especially those with sensory impairments and learning disabilities. This is done by suggesting language and methods that evoke the senses as well as outright descriptions of the beasts and their habitats.

Power Up Gamer started in 2015 as a single YouTube channel for the company chairman, Jarin DND the Disabled DM, as a place for him to talk about his experience as a disabled roleplayer. This quickly grew to become a Facebook group where others shared their experiences as well.

All facets of Power Up Gamer hold two clear goals:

* To provide a place for disabled players to feel safe in discussing how their disabilities affect their gaming in Tabletop Roleplaying Games
* To strive to bring awareness of disability issues to the larger RPG community.

In November 2017, the Kickstarter for volume one of L’Gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures launched and was successfully funded. In August, 2018, the Kickstarter for volume two was successfully funded. The Kickstarter for volume three of L’gat’s Tome of Amazing Creatures is now live and will run until 12 P.M. EST on August 1st, 2019. Our initial funding Goal is $1,200 USD to cover the cost of artwork with stretch goals that offer backers of $25 USD or more the chance for a Custom Monster T-shirt featuring the Sky Kraken and an adventure module wrote specifically in the Setting of L’gat using the monsters from all 3 volumes.

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