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Lovecraftian Horror ‘ReAnimator: The Board Game’ Hits Kickstarter

ReAnimator: The Board Game Box Art (Dynamite Entertainment/Lynnvaner Studios)Folks know we’re big fans of nearly all things H.P. Lovecraft around these parts and when we learn of a new game tackling the Mythos you know you’ll hear about it. Just launched on Kickstarter today is ReAnimator: The Board Game from Dynamite Entertainment and Lynnvaner Studios which is based on the classic tale Herbert West: ReAnimator as well as the Dynamite comic series. Okay… Nitpickers out there will be quick to point out Lovecraft’s novella isn’t “officially” a Mythos tale but, hey, it’s close enough for us!

ReAnimator is a cooperative board game, for up to four players, as everyone will work together to advance Herbert West’s macabre experiments. There are even some cool 3D buildings which make up the game board. We’re also promised additional challenges and subplots will arise as you play. You can currently reserve a copy of ReAnimator! (including digital comic goodness) at the $40.00 pledge level, through October 2nd, with an expected delivery in February 2018.

About the project:

Welcome to the spine-tingling world of ReAnimator: a table top game of horror and mad science. You and your friends take on the role of assistants to the mad genius Herbert West. Travelling around the ill-begotten town of Arkham, Massachusetts, you will gather musty Tomes, mysterious Ingredients, and even Cadavers of the recently deceased for your dark work. And what work would that be? To turn back death itself!

Up to four players will work together taking on the role of the narrator from Lovecraft’s original story in order to perfect the protagonist’s experimental reanimation serum. Classic characters including Herbert West, the City Watch, and the Undead wander through Arkham to help or hinder the players as they undertake their profane task. Subplots will develop through gameplay, forcing players to respond to new adventures and challenges only the world of the ReAnimator can provide!

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