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‘Machi Koro Legacy’ to Arrive Next Spring

Machi Koro Legacy (Pandasaurus Games)Pandasaurus Games has revealed an all new entry into the Machi Koro series will be hitting stores next year and, interestingly enough, it’s a legacy title. Machi Koro Legacy will play out over a series of ten sessions at which, when the final game is finished, players will have their own custom game to continue to enjoy. The game is still a ways off so no info yet on number of players, age recommendation, or MSRP.

From Pandasaurus:

Machi Koro Legacy is an all new game with an amazing narrative arc set in the world of Machi Koro.  We can’t say much, but we can tell you this:  Everything will change, and change again across this 10 game narrative arc!

When we first came to Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy, Risk Legacy, everything)  with the idea of making Machi Koro Legacy he said no.  So we asked again, and he said no.  Not because he didn’t want to make the game, but because he didn’t have the hook on how to make the game right.  Then one day, I got an e-mail out of the blue.  Rob had an idea.  And what an idea it is.

This is our first Legacy Game, but obviously not Robs, and they are honestly a little hard to talk about without spoiling everything.  Here is what we can say: You are still rolling dice.  You are still collecting income, you are still racing to build landmarks…  but then you unlock the [Censored] and you start earning a little extra income by [Censored], and then you start to explore the [censored] and you have to make a choice between [censored] and [censored]. Even if you aren’t in contention to win a given game you still have [censored] to set up exciting [censored] for the next one. And then the [Entire paragraph deleted].

The story is a tale of [redacted] based on the Japanese [redacted] that was created with input from Nobuake Takerube, and the game will feature all new artwork from Nobura Hotta, the original artist of Machi Koro!

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