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May Brings The Sherlock Files Volume IV: Fatal Frontiers

IB&C has a new mystery game on the horizon

The Sherlock Files: Fatal Frontiers (Indie Boards & Cards)The Sherlock File: Fatal Frontiers is on the near horizon. Next month will see the latest entry in the Indie Boards & Cards series which features a trio of new cases to solve. The game is for one to eight players, ages 12+, plays in around 60 minutes, and will carry an MSRP of $24.99 when it arrives May 19th.

About the game:

Are you a modern mastermind detective?

The Sherlock Files: Fatal Frontiers includes three new confounding cases for you to solve, all taking place in Tornado Town, a place full of quarrels, cowboys, and cahoots.

First, you will delve into the sordid history of a mine rumored to be cursed. Next, you will unearth the truth of who has been desecrating graves in the Tornado Town cemetery. Finally, you will investigate a fatal duel that killed both participants at sunrise.

Decipher clues to determine which are relevant to the case and which are not. Share what you deem relevant with your detective partners. Which theories will you chase?

How will you fare compared to the world’s greatest detective? Work together to solve each case and find out!

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