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Monsterpocalypse and Battleship Headed for the Big Screen

From, by Mandi Bierly

Remember when we used to laugh at the idea of a board game hitting theaters? Well, maybe the joke was on us. Read /Film’s interview with the producer of Tim Burton’s Monsterpocalypse and tell me you don’t get a little bit excited hearing that Burton is working with four-time Oscar winner Ken Ralston (Return of the Jedi, Cocoon) on the giant monsters that attack earth and face off with the giant robots humans have built and operate from within. Both the monsters and the robots are the size of tall buildings; the film is being developed as 3-D.

You could argue anything Burton touches will be somewhat cool, but then there’s also Peter Berg’s Battleship, with True Blood‘s Alexander Skarsgard and Friday Night Lights‘ Taylor Kitsch as brothers in the Navy who battle a water-bound armada of aliens. Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz are said to be penning a Ouija board movie. Sony Pictures acquired the rights to Risk in late 2009. Earlier that year, Pirates of the Caribbean’s Gore Verbinski was hired by Universal to develop another big-screen Clue. That’s when the studio also announced it planned to adapt Candy Land, which was only slightly more odd than hearing that Ridley Scott would direct a “futuristic” Monopoly (which was first rumored in 2007).

Two words why Battleship and Monsterpocalypse will make it into production before the others — Independence Day. Alien battles make great popcorn flicks, and they’re something audiences understand. Particularly if Jeff Goldblum is there to explain things. He should be cast in both of those films.

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