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Monsters of Aquilae RPG Bestiary Kickstarter Enters Home Stretch

Monsters of Aquilae is a massive bestiary which includes 225 monsters for use in any campaign setting

Monsters of Aquilae Art (Infinium Game Studio)A very interesting looking monster bestiary from Infinium Game Studio is now in it’s final week on Kickstarter. What really caught my eye is the fact over 225 entries will be stated for Pathfinder 1E, Pathfinder 2E, 5E Dungeons & Dragons, as well as OSRIC (old school AD&D compatible) too. The tome is expected to clock in at 800 pages or more. The project is well past 600% funded and you can receive the bestiary PDFs in all four formats for a $20.00 pledge or snag all the PDFs and a hardcover book in the format of your choice for a $60.00 pledge through December 2nd. Expected delivery is June of 2020.

About the project:

What Is Monsters of Aquilae?

It’s a massive bestiary that includes 225 monsters for use in any campaign setting or story.

Each monster is designed to be memorable, interesting, and challenging in a way that PCs may not anticipate.

Each monster is presented with four complete statblocks, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of PC level and presenting novice or veteran characters alike with challenge.

225 brand-new monsters. 900 complete statblocks. For Pathfinder Second Edition, Pathfinder First Edition, and/or 5E.

An estimated 800 pages of instantly-usable monsters for any campaign setting or game session.

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