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‘Mutant Chronicles’ is Back Courtesy of Modiphius Entertainment

Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry Core Book (Modiphius Entertainment)The classic RPG setting of The Mutant Chronicles has returned to print and PDF by way of Modiphius Entertainment. The updated and revamped third edition is hitting the scene with the Dark Symmetry Core Book as well as a Player’s Guide. There’s also a limited edition of the diesel-punk game’s corebook for serious collectors to consider as well.

From Modiphius:

With the release of this 3rd Edition of the Dark Symmetry Core Book you can play during the early days of the Dark Symmetry, through to the brutal Corporate Wars in the definitive techno-fantasy roleplaying game.

Mutant Chronicles takes you on a full – throttle diesel-punk ride though a solar system beset by corporate intrigue and the invasion of the Dark Legion. With technology failing due to the insidious effects of the Dark Symmetry, mankind must fight back against the Dark Legion hordes whilst dealing with in-fighting and conspiracy.

Investigate foul cults as technology turns against mankind, or fight the armies of the Dark Legion as they pour forth from citadels across the colonies the battle for humanity’s future.

The Mutant Chronicles Dark Symmetry Core Book includes:

Mutant Chronicles Collectors Edition Corebook (Modiphius Entertainment)Complete 2d20 game system by Jay Little (X-Wing Miniatures, Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG), including detailed character creation and cinematic roleplaying, plus full rules for spaceships and vehicles.

  • Never-before seen secrets of the Mutant Chronicles universe, and maps of the solar system and Luna City.
  • Insights into the Dark Legion Apostles and their unique forces, tactics and plots along with full stats for new and old monstrosities.
  • Briefings on the major corporations, Imperial, Bauhaus, Capitol, Mishima, and Cybertronic, as well as Cartel, the Brotherhood, and Whitestar.
  • Guide to running adventures during the rise of the Dark Symmetry and the first wars through to the return of the Dark Legion.
  • 496 pages of techno-fantasy adventure in the Mutant Chronicles universe!

The Mutant Chronicles Core book is available from Modiphius in both Print and PDF form.

A special limited edition Dark Symmetry Core Book Collector’s Edition is available exclusively on featuring a highly desirable leather effect cover, embossed with the Brotherhood symbol and containing all 496 pages of the third edition core book. The Dark Symmetry Cored Book Collector’s edition is available in print form only and exclusively from at £99.99.

Hot on the heels of the Dark Symmetry Core book comes The Mutant Chronicles Player’s Guide, with content drawn from the 3rd Edition Core Rulebook, and containing everything players need to create characters in the Mutant Chronicles universe, as well as an introduction to the 2d20 game system.

Mutant Chronicles Player's Guide (Modiphius Entertainment)Inside this lavish 116 page full colour edition, you’ll discover:

  • Full character generation system with point buy or random life path options, based on a character’s Faction, Status, Environment, Education and Careers
  • Detailed Skills and Talents chapter for in-game reference.
  • Character Sheets (including Lifepath worksheet).
  • Short and Long term experience and gameplay rewards.
  • Introduction to the 2d20 game system, including combat and rules for cinematic roleplaying.
  • How to use Momentum and Chronicle Points to boost your game.
  • Weapon and armour tables to get your character ready for action.
  • Overview of the Mutant Chronicles universe and factions including faction relationships

These three brand new releases form the core of the Mutant Chronicles universe, with further releases already planned in for early 2016 including special supplements for all major corporations like Capitol, Mishima and Brotherhood, plus further accessories in the Mutant Chronicles range like custom dice sets and GM screens. A dark universe of high adventure awaits! 

Jeff McAleer

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