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Mythical Denizens is Available for the Scion Second Edition RPG

Bring more baddies and beasties to you Scion tabletop tales

Scion 2E: Mythical Denizens (Onyx Path Publishing)Onyx Path Publishing has released the newest supplement for the Scion Second Edition RPG. Mythical Denizens adds plenty of new antagonists and beings to spice up your adventures. The 49 page PDF is available at DriveThruRPG for $4.99 with softcover print options as well.

From Onyx Path:

The World Is a Dangerous Place

Awakening to a mythic destiny brings a rush of new powers and capabilities, but it can also bring a Hero to the attention of a variety of strange and powerful beings, who seldom regard the arrival of a meddling band with warm wishes and open arms.

Some are dyed-in-the-wool villains straight out of folklore, bringing ruin and chaos for their own selfish reasons. Others are more conflicted, possibly even victims themselves after a fashion, though no less dangerous for it. No matter what their motivations, each one poses a serious threat. So, the question is: What are you going to do about it, Hero?

Scion: Mythical Denizens includes several ready-made antagonists suitable to drop into existing stories, from lethal Legendary Warriors to inscrutable Fair Folk to shapeshifting Therianthropes and more.

Each antagonist included in Mythical Denizens features:

  • A full background to shed light on a being’s origins and motivations.
  • A complete stat block and list of capabilities for easy reference.
  • Rules for new Qualities and other unique powers possessed by some antagonists.
  • Story hooks to spark stand-alone sessions or easily integrate into existing games.

Time to Face the Darkness

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