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New Mothership RPG Adventure Bloom is Available in PDF

A standalone adventure for Mothership has hit DriveThruRPG

Bloom (Daniel Hallinan)A new standalone adventure for the hit SF/Horror RPG Mothership has arrived from author Daniel Hallinan. Bloom draws the characters to a mysterious research station where something, which should have stayed undisturbed, is being studied. The 17 page adventure is available at DriveThruRPG for $4.99.

About the adventure:

A one shot adventure for use with the MOTHERSHIP Sci-fi Horror RPG system. 

At a dark corner of colonised space, a secretive research lab has discovered something astounding. Something horrifying. Something others want. Something that must not get out. 

With Bloom, you’ll get:

  • A mercenary themed adventure prompt for players. 
  • An overview of Outpost Choi and the Choi Labs, including various maps. 
  • An overview of the Bloom moss that’s spread throughout the facility, as well as the various horrors that it has spawned.
  • Handouts detailing maps of the facility. 
  • A wonderfully unsettling table for symptoms players will suffer as infection slowly overwhelms them.
  • 6 Pregenerated characters, a team of marine mercenaries, for optional use in the Bloom adventure (or elsewhere!)
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