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New Releases from Dark Sword Miniatures

There are new releases from Dark Sword Miniatures ready to hit your gaming tables and the company has also announced the addition of three new sculptors as well!

From Dark Sword:

Well 2012 is starting off with a bang at Dark Sword Miniatures as we have 8 new (never before seen) releases posted up in our Online Store along with their studio paintjobs you can check out from Marike and Jess. Did not even have time to post up the greens as sneak peeks – went straight to full releases with studio paintjobs to boot.

Dark Sword is also welcoming the following new (to Dark Sword) sculptors to the party with their first ever Dark Sword sculpts. Patrick Keith, Bobby Jackson and Gene VanHorne have now officially joined the Dark Sword club. These three cool cats are most well known for their Reaper bodies of work. As most of you know – Dark Sword and Reaper are pals as we dig each others miniatures big time. So working with these talented folks is a nice tip of the cap to the cool cats at Reaper and their MASSIVE miniature ranges. So if you like something you see here from them, be sure to check out the Reaper site and other minis they sculpted up for them.

So swing on out to the Dark Sword site and check out all the new goodies and the lovely new painted eye candy.

Make it a great week everyone !

And stay tuned for lots of new sculpts from the Dark Sword team in the weeks/months ahead!

Jeff McAleer

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