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Next Edition of Puppet Wars Rules in Open Beta

Folks who play Puppet Wars, from Wyrd Miniatures, take note as the new Unstitched Edition is being playtested. Of course Puppet Wars is switching over to plastic minis and in conjunction with this the rules are being updated and Wyrd wants your feedback.

From Wyrd:

As you may have heard in the rumors, Puppet Wars is changing over to plastic as well. Not only does this improve the quality of the figures, it will make the game cheaper as well! To go along with this Unstitched Edition, we’ve taken the opportunity to update and streamline the rules as well. However, that process isn’t finished! We want you all involved!

The Unstitched edition is up for you all to test out!! Let us know what you think in the Unstitched Feedback section of the forums (it’s in the Puppet War section).

Go to the Puppet Wars Website to check it out!



Jeff McAleer

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