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Now Who’s the Cylon? New Battlestar Galactica Expansion Announced

Fantasy Flight has just announced the Exodus Expansion to the popular Battlestar Galactica series. It looks like the game company is following the storyline of the remade series (can we look for a Big Box Collectors Edition at the end of this process?).

The expansion brings more characters and cards (their site says “Destination, Crisis, Super Crisis, Loyalty, Quorum, and Skill Cards”) as well as three new options for play:

Conflicted Loyalties: Sneaky new cards designed to make you act even more suspiciously (with secret agendas and hidden effects).

The Cylon Fleet (with a new board!): More Cylon development options and human control options. Plus, more crises!

The Ionian Nebula: The more influential minor characters come to life if you play with this option. And directing the human survival becomes even more political.

If you’re a fan of the base game and Pegasus Expansion, this newly announced expansion will be one to keep a close watch on.

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